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Discover the ways for finding the love that lasts

Being in a relationship which fulfils, add sense to life and make a person feeling loved, safe and comfortable is probably one of the those things everyone on the planet wants. That’s because we all strive to share not only particular moments but our entire lives with someone we love and care about, someone who can be there for us no matter what happen. Regardless if you’re single because you weren’t happy enough to find your soul mate so far or for some other reason, it’s never a good time to give up on searching. But, before you start your next “searching for partner” adventure, maybe following advice can help you come home with someone you’ve always dreamed about:

Discover the ways for finding the love that lasts‏ by

Determine what matters to you

Peek deeply into your inner self and try to find the answers on questions such as: which characteristics I appreciate the most, which values I would/wouldn’t like my partner to have and what are the things that make me unique. As soon as you realize what lays deep in your personality and what values you expect from the other side, you’ll actually know what you want and what you wouldn’t like to face with.

Open your mind for people with same interests

In reality if you focus only on people that share the same interests like you, that doesn’t have to be a guarantee that this kind of people will become your soul mate. But, the truth is that the person who’s interested in the same things like you is already connected to you in a certain way, and that’s a great foundation on which you two can build something more.

Discover the ways for finding the love that lasts‏ by

Don’t strictly rely on first impressions

Yes, first impressions tend to stuck into the mind for a long time, but you shouldn’t be led strictly with them when meeting your potential partner. Remember, people are more from what you initially see so give yourself a time to know your potential partner better, find out how he/she behaves in various situations and have patience to discover your partner’s inner side.

Be where you should be

You’ve probably expected to meet your love accidentally, somewhere in the street, like in the movies, what is not impossible because the love world is miraculous, but until that happen you must be active in your search. This means searching in the right place. 

Considering that great part of really good relationships, even marriages started on internet, maybe you should stop being restrained and peek into an online world. Even if your expectations are specific you should try, since there are elite dating services where you can meet someone just like you. Also, make sure you’re socially active and like-minded – your future spouse is maybe someone you’ll meet on art classes, your friends’ friend or even your colleague.

Discover the ways for finding the love that lasts‏ by


Find someone with whom you can be truly you

Being someone who you really are is one of the most precious things normal and healthy relationship should allow. Even though the base of lasting marriage and relationship is two people loving and caring about each other, both of them should behave in the way they normally do, not pretend to be different in order to impress other side.

Be emotionally open and respectful

Keeping your feelings behind the curtain is not the smartest thing you can do when beginning relationship with someone. Therefore, it’s crucial to become aware of emotions you have towards your partner, admit them to yourself and express them so the other side became aware of them too. Be able to share your feelings with partner, respect his/her feelings and avoid playing popular emotional games.

Determine if feelings are mutual

You should be clear with the fact that no one can be forced to love someone if he/she simply doesn’t feel that way. So, find out whether you mean to someone the same as he/she means to you, because one-side feelings are not the recipe for happily ever after. As long as both you and your partner share same emotions and views on your relationship, your love will last.

Even though in the times of despair you may think that searching for perfect relationship is pointless venture, you’re wrong because healthy relationship is the secret puzzle which makes the life complete.

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