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The Prominent Wedding Traditions Brides Forget to Honor

A wedding is a life time event that is celebrated to accept the love of two souls. In the society, there are certain traditions and customs that have been coming or gone throughout the years. Committing your love to your partner is great deed and couples have been saying “I do” from centuries. This is the trend which everyone is following over the years.This way, there are the number of traditions from announcing the wedding date to planning the whole event you must honor numerous wedding traditions. But brides often forget about some of the traditions due to busy schedules, stressed routine and they are forgotten. These traditions and customs have root values and being a bride, it is your responsibility to honor them like planning the wedding vows, inviting the guests, sending wedding cards, cutting a cake, holding the floral bouquet in your hand, and having a beautiful walk with bridesmaids are one of the traditions to be honored. Here we are listing down the few of traditions that you might want to include into your auspicious celebration to make it mesmerizing.


Honoring parents of both the parties

It often happens that the couple to become so involved in each other that they forget that who brought them into the world.You can honor your parents in any way like call them as a chief of the event, throw a cocktail or tea party for them, involve them in candle light dinner, celebrating wedding vows or take them to sand ceremony. Praise them with heartfelt emotions or a handwritten letter in their honor and make them feels special with your love and that’s what they need.

Cake cutting ceremony

Cutting the first slice of cake together is a beautiful moment to be adored. You should hold your lady’s hand in one of your hands and knife in another one.And the bride should hold his hand holding the knife and enjoy the moment of sweetness. But couples are avoiding this ritual due to cake smashes. But it’s not the solution; you can state the guidelines for the cake cutting ceremony and enjoy the cherish-able time.

Flower exchanging ceremony


This ceremony’s beauty is as soft as the softness of flowers because both the bride & groom party takes care of the flowers to be given to each other. Both the families would split the flowers between them. The groom side takes care of the bride’s side flowers, bouquets, corsages, etc. and vice versa with the groom side.This tradition seems very sweet as the groom would get to buy his wife & her bridesmaids flowers for her wedding.


Be thankful to your guests

You should be thankful to your guests and say it openly not personally. According to the wedding planners, cake cutting ceremony is the best time to say thanks to your guests for their precious time and presence and making their day special as they are. But couples often forget and don’t realize about it.

Remembering the lost loved ones

Your wedding is the best time to remember your loved ones who aren’t present in your life anymore.

After enjoying all the events, you should praise your guests with wedding honor so they can remember the mesmerizing days of your wedding.

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